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Educational Piece of the Month: Business Loans – How to Get Started

Starting a new business or expanding your existing business can be costly, especially when it comes to expanding your real estate or improving a property. Casey State Bank makes it easy for you to apply for a commercial loan for whatever your business might need. From loans for construction or rental properties to working capital lines of credit, there are many ways your business can get the help it needs!

Getting the Right Loan For You

Expanding or starting a business can come in different forms based on your needs. From picking the right location to, improving an existing property for a variety of reasons, the need for a business loan can arise unexpectedly. That’s why Casey State Bank provides a variety of loans to help with your construction project or startup costs.

Term loans are wonderful for businesses that want to set up a structured repayment schedule for real estate, equipment purchases or refinances. A working capital credit line is beneficial for those that need a little extra cash flow for their enterprise. A business real estate loan can help improve a business’s facilities. In contrast, a residential property loan can be an excellent option for homeowners looking to spruce up their home or put it up for rent. For more extensive projects, construction loans are a great choice for a business looking to build its own facility rather than improve an existing building.

Credit Help for a Business’ Day-to-Day

Building and improving facilities aren’t the only things a business must consider when starting up or seeking to expand operations. Sometimes, a working capital line of credit can help companies better deal with day-to-day expenses caused by seasonal or cyclical cash flow, while looking ahead to those big expansions. Casey State Bank offers working capital lines of credit for businesses that need a little help managing their cash flow for payroll and inventory, among other uses.

Casey State Bank can also help businesses with their suppliers by providing commercial letters of credit, ensuring those suppliers will get paid so that your business can keep bringing in the supplies it needs.

How to Get Started with a Loan from Casey State Bank

Securing a loan or a line of credit from Casey State Bank may be just what your business needs to make your next big vision a reality. Whether you’d like to expand operations or simply need a little help with your daily operations, contacting your local Casey State Bank branch is the best way to help provide your business with the funds it needs. Visit your local Casey State Bank branch or contact us online today to learn how we can help with your new or existing business!