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We Can Help Your Small Business With Our Business Banking Services!

Do you want to take your business finances to the next level? We have comprehensive banking services designed just for you. At Casey State Bank, we understand that business owners have unique needs, such as cash management tools, payment solutions, and credit for scaling growth. Our business banking services include the valuable tools and personalized service you need to succeed. 

This blog post covers the business banking services we offer, how business banking differs from personal banking, and the benefits of business banking for small business owners. 

Business Banking 

What is business banking? Business Banking refers to a company’s financial interactions and transactions with a financial institution capable of providing business loans, lines of credit, saving, and checking accounts. Business banking differs from personal banking. It involves specialized financial dealings between business organizations or entities and financial institutions. 

Business banking may also be called commercial or corporate banking. Personal banks are typically known as retail banks. Today many banks offer both commercial and retail banking services.

Business Banking Services

Business banking services and personal banking services both help individuals conduct financial transactions. Business checking and savings accounts look and operate similarly on the surface. Business bank accounts offer more legal protections and enhance brand identity. Establishing a business bank account often includes tools for budgeting and monitoring business expenses. Also, a business account often provides more opportunities for financing in the form of business loans or credit lines. 

Banks typically offer business banking services designed to meet the financial needs of business owners. 

Some of these business banking services may include:

  • Checking accounts
  • Savings accounts
  • Loans
  • Lines of credit
  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Cash management
  • Online and mobile banking
  • Merchant services

Casey State Bank Business Services

At Casey State Bank, we are committed to serving our local community with personalized service and local insight. We aim to help each business increase success with our banking services and solutions.

Business Bill Pay 

As a small business owner, you manage many responsibilities daily. Efficient financial management is critical for business success, and Business Bill Pay is an essential tool. Business Bill Pay is a platform where business account holders can pay bills, set up recurring payments, originate payroll, and more. Our banking service equips you to manage your accounts payable from one location, including the capability to offer direct deposit to employees. 

Business Bill Pay helps streamline payment processes and increases accuracy, efficiency, and security. Security and fraud prevention are priorities today, and Business Bill Pay includes advanced security measures using techniques like secure payment portals and encryption protocols.

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) is a convenient way to deposit checks anytime using an internet-connected device and Casey State Bank scanner. You no longer have to wait to make deposits during banking hours. With our Remote Deposit Capture service, you can save time and deposit funds faster than ever.

The RDC check-scanning process for Casey State Bank business accounts involves a bank-issued remote deposit capture scanning device. An RDC Scanner scans the front and back of checks, transforming the check into a digital image. Specialized, secure software then processes the payment and deposits the funds into your business checking account. 

The RDC process for business accounts differs from mobile deposits completed using smartphones for personal accounts. A bank-issued RDC scanner provides added security by reducing the risk of errors and fraud. RDC scanners often include tools to help businesses with compliance.

Business Credit Cards 

A business credit card with Casey State Bank is a convenient way to manage expenses. Features including potentially higher credit limits and expense tracking help you make purchases and monitor spending for all cardholders. Our business credit card accounts offer detailed transaction reporting simplifying accounting and financial management. Opening a credit card is a great way to build a credit history for your business.

Business credit cards through Case State Bank are Visa Credit Cards with several options, including Platinum Visa cards and Visa Signature travel. Our banking associates can help you decide which credit card best suits your needs.

ACH Cash Management  

Automated Clearing House ACH Cash Management is a valuable tool for business owners. It is crucial for a business’s financial health, sustainability, and growth. ACH Cash Management is essential for the direct depository of employee payroll. It reduces the risks of lost or stolen checks, reduces costs, and eliminates the need to store blank checks. Another significant benefit of ACH Cash Management is the rapid reconciliation of accounts due to all checks clearing on the effective payment date.

Benefits of Business Banking 

It may seem easier to stick with what you know and use a personal account for your business. Even if you set up a separate personal account for your business, you will miss out on the many benefits of opening a business banking account. Some companies must have a bank account for business transactions. Using a business account will help ensure compliance with regulations and make tax time easier by recording business income and expenses all in one place. 

Business accounts allow you to use your business name as the account name instead of your first and last names on a personal account. Using a professional business name elevates your business and enhances brand recognition. Establishing a business account sets you up for growth and success through expanded financing options, including loans or lines of credit not available for personal account holders. Other benefits include extending liability and identity protection. Many business owners establish an LLC or corporation for legal purposes. A business account extends legal protections by officially separating business and personal finances. 

Casey State Bank

Casey State Bank is a family-owned, full-service bank focused on serving small businesses in our community. We currently have several branches to assist customers and a helpful website including online banking features. If you are looking for a bank you can trust, Casey State Bank is a reliable institution with a proven track record in the community. We aim to provide the personalized service you deserve and assist you with your business banking needs. Contact your local Casey State Bank Branch today!