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Securing Your Devices

It’s the pop-up notification that no one likes, and it never truly goes away: “Your device needs an update. Install now?”

If you’re like most folks, you’ll hit “Ask Me Later” for days. Many will put off these updates until their devices force them to complete the necessary steps to upgrade their software or back up their data before again allowing user access.

Tedious as it may be to some, taking care of your devices is turning into a crucial part of maintaining your financial well-being. As customer-facing tasks become increasingly digital, it’s now more important than ever to use devices that are up-to-date and secure. 

Reasons to Regularly Update Your Devices

Keeping your devices updated doesn’t just get rid of pesky notifications – it can help you get the most out of your technological investments.

Enhance Security

Have you ever downloaded an app update that took up significant storage and memory space on your device but had seemingly no effect on your overall experience with the software? Chances are, a lot did change, but only behind the scenes!

Software updates can include a wide range of feature adjustments and edits. This can consist of boosting security systems that protect against cyberattacks. Some security patches can also support existing firewalls and add another layer of protection for your passwords and PINs.

Improve Performance

Like any other household essential that has stood the test of time, devices and smart technology aren’t often released to the public in their final form. There’s always something new to add or improve. Many updates released for your most well-loved devices aim to make the system run more smoothly. They could be patching bugs, safeguarding against crashes, or streamlining internal logic processes. 

A crash-free device can also help out the apps you have already installed. If you, like many consumers, use your bank’s app on your phone, using a fully updated device can make your digital banking experience smoother.

Access New Features

A software update on your smartphone or laptop can open up a new world of digital experiences. As your device gains bug patches and new internal support for increasingly complex commands, so also do your favorite apps. In addition, updates to your devices can mean tapping into previously unexplored or underdeveloped areas of your technology.

This can also make a huge difference in your digital banking experience. Once your device has reached a sufficient level of software capability, your mobile banking app can do amazing new things. This might mean adding more layers of security to your login process, permitting new banking functions, such as loan applications, or redoing the app’s whole “look” to make mobile banking a more pleasant experience.

Importance of Backing Up Your Devices

Taking care of your devices doesn’t just involve downloading new things; it also means protecting what you already have. Backing up your devices at regular intervals can help prevent disaster. 

Prevent Data Loss

Data loss can happen seemingly anytime and for almost any reason. Whether someone stole an important hard drive or a flood ruins a laptop, you may find yourself without critical files. When this happens, the consequences can range from mere annoyance to significant legal troubles, especially if you deal with any sort of customer data.

Data backups can help get rid of some of your headaches. For example, with an extra copy of your data always kept secure, you won’t have to worry about misplaced files or fire-damaged desktops.

Simplify Device Migration

Getting the latest and greatest devices is always exciting. However, what’s considerably less exciting is trying to move all of your information over to your new piece of equipment. 

Backing up your old devices ahead of time can make this transition process much smoother. Having an extra copy of your information readily available can make it easier to ensure all your information is on the newer hard drive. When it comes to your digital banking data, using backup storage on your new device can help migrate over passwords, transaction records, and other key files quickly and safely.

Protect Against Security Breaches

Cyberattacks remain one of the biggest threats to your security. Thieves may try to hack into your personal device, or they may try to steal your information through a sensitive digital service that you use, such as the apps for your credit cards. 

In the event of a cyberattack, data backups can help you recover and reset. Additional copies of your most important files, such as your banking information, can help recover any stolen information and pick up where you left off. These backups can also help prove your identity to any services that may have locked down when alerted to a security breach.

Secure Your Device, Secure Your Financial Future

Your devices hold some of your most precious moments and important information. Protect them by keeping your technology up to date and your data backed up. If you haven’t thought about your digital documents in a while, check your devices for those pesky pop-ups — they’re more helpful than you know. 

At Casey State Bank, we put your security and peace of mind first. Want to learn more about keeping your information safe while using mobile banking? Check out our resources on securing your financial information.