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Engage with Our Community On Small Business Saturday

The holiday shopping season is fast approaching and Black Friday is one of the biggest spending days of the year. But while you’re trying to scope out the best deals on your holiday gifts, don’t forget about Small Business Saturday! Small Business Saturday is a great way to support your community and local small businesses, so it’s a great time to show those smaller businesses some love!

What is Small Business Saturday?

The weekend after Thanksgiving has become the prime kick-off for the holiday shopping season. Packed in between the doorbuster deals on Black Friday and the online savings of Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday puts the focus on supporting your local community. Small Business Saturday encourages shoppers to turn their attention to local businesses and it’s something that the government gets behind, too!

Originally started by American Express in 2010, Small Business Saturday puts the focus back on your town and your community. It’s a way to show support for your town and local community and help include smaller stores in the benefits of the holiday spirit.

How You Can Get in on the Fun

If you’re a shopper, shop local! Small Business Saturday is the time to support the smaller stores in your community. There are a ton of great options you can choose to support local businesses near your local Casey State Bank. There’s a wide variety of great antique and home decor stores you can check out in Marshall. Maybe, you’re looking to stop by one of Robinson’s many downtown boutiques. Shopping small can be a great way to get involved in your community and support local business owners.

If you’re a business owner who wants to get in on Small Business Saturday, get in contact with your local Chamber of Commerce! Many communities are running town-wide promotions for Small Business Saturday, so whether you’re a business owner in Casey, Lawrenceville, Marshall, Martinsville, Mattoon, or Robinson, there are opportunities for you to promote your business and take part in Small Business Saturday.

Going Online

Small Business Saturday doesn’t stop with the store as many local businesses also offer online stores for anyone to take part in the small business savings. Supporting a local small business with an order through their online store goes a long way towards helping your local businesses and the economy in your community thrive. Many local small businesses have started to go online, giving their customers another way to support the business, and online shopping can be a great way to support local businesses from the comfort of home.

The Community Element

When you shop local on Small Business Saturday, you’re not only snagging yourself some great holiday deals, but you’re giving back to your town, as well. Supporting local mom-and-pop shops and small business owners invigorates your local economy and helps the people around you. Small Business Saturday puts the spotlight back on the people around you and supports the smaller businesses that give your community life.

Small Business Saturday also gives you a chance to get your loved ones a unique gift you may not be able to find anywhere else. Small businesses are the heart and soul of a community, and supporting them helps those small stores prosper and thrive.

Keep Small Business Saturday and Casey State Bank in mind when you’re getting ready for your holiday shopping! Stop by one of our six locations in Casey, Lawrenceville, Marshall, Martinsville, Mattoon, and Robinson to find out how you can support your local community on Small Business Saturday. If you have any other questions, contact us today, and we’ll be happy to help!